Plumbing Makes Large Cities Livable

Sure, the commercial might squeal about salsa made in New York City, but when you live there, plumbing in NYC is nothing to squeal about. In fact, with so many people in one place, a working water system is more than a necessity. It is the way to ensure the … Continue reading

The Proper Care of Your Heating System

This winter has been especially brutal in many parts of the country, taking a toll on people and homes alike. Many people are wondering when the ice and frigid temperatures will give way to green grass and warmth as they crank up their furnaces and praise the existence of modern … Continue reading

Find the Source with Mold Testing

There are a few times where mold is beneficial. Blue cheese adds a distinct flavor to any dish. If the mold isn’t in your cheese drawer in your fridge, however, but in the walls of your home, it is anything but desirable. Finding the source is a very important step … Continue reading

The Future of Industrial Pumping

A pump is a relatively simple contraption. Also known as a siphon, the pump makes use of basic scientific principles in its operation. In essence, it moves a liquid or gas from one place to another using a vacuum. It can also be used to compress something, such as air. … Continue reading

When and Why to Contact an Electrician

If you are the “Mr. Fix-it” type, when something goes wrong, you would rather just fix it yourself than call a service professional. However, figuring out how a job needs to be done can be dangerous, especially if you’re working with electrical issues. Fixing something on your own may save … Continue reading

Why Hire a Professional Painter

Whether you need to repaint your home or your office, you should probably hire a professional painter like Pro Quality Painting to do it for you. While painting looks like an easy job, it requires a lot of attention to detail to make the end results look good. And even … Continue reading